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Monday, April 04, 2005  

The paradox of the right-wing press
The vision of England presented by Worledge in his editorials and news stories was of a plucky little middle class which had pulled itself up by hard work and its own boot-straps, and who watched in horror as its saving accounts, its church, its favourite television programmes and its very methods of weighing and measuring were all eroded by Foreigners, Perverts, Busybodies, and hangovers from the days of Socialism.

The Good Guys, paradoxically, were those who had in fact done most to erode the 1950s England of Esmé's imagination: the Good Guys politically were the right-wing Americans, and the big multinational companies. The Bad Guys were the European Union, the sexual liberals, the would-be abolishers of the pound and the Bureaucrats.

A. N. Wilson My Name is Legion (2004)

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