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Tuesday, August 19, 2003  

Freedom and the Outer Hebrides
The Western Isles Council is now aware that the European Court of Human Rights will find against any ban they impose on Sunday trading if it is made on religious grounds. The swings in the Stornoway parks are now no longer padlocked from Saturday night to Monday morning.

In the sermon in the Kenneth Street church in Stornoway, the minister strengthened the congregation against "persecution. And by persecution I don't mean the kind of persecution you can read about in the Bible. I mean the ridicule you suffer for being a Christian, the snigger and the muttered remark, the implication that you are stupid for believing the things you do."

Even now, I think, one can make out a future in which this curious and unique corner of the British Isles will have lost its uniqueness and become part of the homogenised main. And will that, I wonder, be a triumph for liberty?

Adam Nicolson Daily Telegraph, 19 August 2003

posted by Jonathan Calder | 7:10 pm